Wid Nature Mineral Concealer Highlighter stick

This 2 sided chunky pencilglides on easily, with both light and medium concealer and highlighter shades in one pencil.
Perfect for highlighting your brow bone, cheek bone and inner corners of the eye with the light side then conceal
imperfections with the medium side. Great for on-the-go touch ups! 

Provides definition of the outer lips beautifully creating a fuller lip with one stroke.
This is your discreet, neutralising makeup corrector for all skin imperfections and discolourations.   

Long-wearing invisible coverage for darkness under the yes, neutralising any shadows from  
tiredness or ill health. 

Lifts and brightens the eye region for a youthful fresh look then flips to effectively cover dark circles, moles,tattoos and birthmarks.

Fragrance-free and non-acnegenic.

Instant skin confidence for those with redness, rosacea, eczema, dermatitis or acne with soothing natural ingredients

SPF 20+ Natural protectio, Fragrance-free,Non-acne genic,All skin type,Vegan,No Animal Testing

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I never go anywhere without this magic stick!

The two colours work beautifully to highlight the firmer skin around my eyes and conceal the darker colours under my eyes and the ageing spots on my cheeks, around my nose and chin. I also use the concealer to outline my lips and it seriously makes my lips look super plump naturally. LOVE THIS!!

Snap! I hope you tell the world as it's a big favourite of ours too!! Perfect over WN Liquid and/or powder foundation or simply used neat. You must send us a video of where and how you use it Justine… how wonderful to share this xx


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Why two websites of yours offered different prices for the same item? Corresponded through email on the expensive experience as I am a repeat customer. No satisfactory answer given by your staff. Unless an acceptable explanation is given may consider not ordering again and certainly won't recommend anyone to order though your product quality is commendable.

Daily Repair Oil
Melanie Wilkinson
Only body product I use

I have been using this magnificent product for over ten years and I’ve used this almost daily on my son as a massage oil , since he was a baby
Simply the only product of trust to use


Since finding WildNature my skin and my family's skin has never been the same. I suffer from severe excema and have spent $1000's over hte years... until now. I use an easy step routine Wash, aloe spritz, repair oil and milk. I also (as directed) use the Liquid foundation as it protects my skin and gives great coverage, but I still feel fresh and natural. Ive even started using Mascara again becuase it doesnt make my eyes weep. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. And I love the additional samples I always receive and the help and great service.

Thank you

I love all the products and gifts thank you so much . The white clay is a gift for my daughter so I will let you know how that goes when she does ! I have passed on your details to people who marvel at the moistness of my 60 year old face. You get all credit . I’m exhuberant about your products . Thank you . Sandra Frain

Oh Sandra, what a joy to receive your message! Thank you for taking this time to inspire us and others!! xxx

Face & Body Cream
Kanjana S.
It’s my magic cream that

It’s my magic cream that helps with skin allergy, damaged skin and cracked heels. I found that it works very well as moisturiser. I have applied the cream from head to toes especially in the winter, and just love it.

IT IS THE BEE’S KNEES…. With organic Bee’s wax to give you that essential and natural barrier. ENJOY!! Xxxx